How Strategy and Industry Should Shape Your Choice of Co-Founders

experts to develop and perfect the product or service, or a full array of specialties – including operating Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Charles Eesley , Edward Roberts and David Hsu

Simple Rules Can Power Up Your Global Strategy

companies that seek a global presence perform better if they have easy-to-understand, unambiguous strategy Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Author: Yoel Asseraf

The Spectacular Rise of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

In response, MNE strategies in India became strongly focused on intellectual property (IP) protection Read More...

Category: Theory and Research

Authors: Kristin Brandl , Ram Mudambi and Vittoria G. Scalera

The Entrepreneur's Profit Model: A Diagnostic Tool

Components of the Profit Model Our model has four basic components: margins, volumes, operating leverage Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Michael Morris and April Spivack

Think Big, Start Small and Learn Fast: 8 Rules for Corporate Innovation

Instead, she is essentially outsourcing her company’s innovation strategy to start-ups. Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Author: Chunka Mui

Small and Medium-Sized Firms Are Less Prepared for Crises

Newer, smaller businesses, often led by entrepreneurs, are usually comfortable operating in dynamic, Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Author: John Parnell

Many Startups Benefit From a Short-Term Focus

We saw a stronger impact when startups operate in a highly competitive environment where they face fierce Read More...

Category: Research Insight

Authors: Johan Bruneel , Stephan Weemaes and Ann Gaeremynck

Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Family Firms: An Assessment Tool

innovation is generally seen as necessary to keep the business thriving over time (unless the business operates Read More...

Category: Applied and Practice

Authors: Emanuela Rondi , Alfredo De Massis and Josip Kotlar

Take a CLEAN Look at Your Business Post-COVID-19

Are these changes a desperation strategy or a surprise innovation? Read More...

Category: Commentary

Authors: Dave Ketchen and Christopher Craighead

The Sustainable Entrepreneur: Balancing People, Planet and Profit

Environmental impacts of their operations? Brand and reputation?

Category: Commentary

Author: Dave Feldman