Building a Company Step by Step Ch. 11: Product and Company Positioning

Building a Company Step by Step Ch. 11: Product and Company Positioning
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Author: Jon Eckhardt
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Published: January 19, 2022
Updated: June 28, 2024
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EIX is featuring interviews that explore the principles outlined in Steve Blank and Bob Dorf's book, "The Startup Owners Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company." This episode focuses on Chapter 11: Develop Product and Company Positioning, and features Corey Capasso of Urbint, a technology company that offers solutions for predicting and stopping threats to critical infrastructure and workers. His clients include energy companies, utilities and cable companies. In August 2021 Urbint received $60 million through a Series C investment round led by Energize Ventures.

In this interview with EIX Editor Jon Eckhardt, Capasso talks about his experiences as a serial entrepreneur -- starting with selling athletic shoes on eBay in high school -- and about how his current company has evolved from a technology prep platform to a product solution suite of different offerings for different operational programs within energy companies. He also talks about how the pandemic and climate change have stress-tested infrastructure, and the role that artificial intelligence and technology can play in preventing disasters.



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