New YouTube Series: One Minute of Wisdom for Busy Entrepreneurs

New YouTube Series: One Minute of Wisdom for Busy Entrepreneurs
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Author: John Buday
Published: May 14, 2024
Updated: May 14, 2024
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Not everyone has time to keep up with the best thinking on founding, funding, or growing a startup, especially if they have just launched a business or if they have a day job. That is why EIX has created a new form of content that is going to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs learn tips that can help them be more successful even when they are pressed for time.

“Small Bites of Business Advice” -- “Small Bites” for short -- is a series of one-minute YouTube videos distilling some of our most useful articles into one or two actionable takeaways. Each video description includes links to the full article for those who want to explore more deeply. But for people on the run, Small Bites can offer a quick pep talk how they can best position their startup for success, based on expert-vetted research and first-hand advice from experienced entrepreneurs. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our full library of video resources, and we hope you will enjoy these videos and explore the longer discussions of each Small Bites topic. 

Here are the videos and links to the full-length articles

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